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Kissed by the Baddest Bidder Love Trap, Japanese GREE: Mad Hatter Master Post - Main Story Walkthrough, Summary, Commentary, and CGs

Apparently, I am not a patient woman. Call it obsession, but I can't leave things alone... Even though my Japanese is minimal, I decided to download the Japanese GREE version of Kissed by the Baddest Bidder just to play the Mad Hatter's route...
It's slow-going having to translate each frame, but I get to work on my Japanese at the same time, so there's a bonus. :)

I am really enjoying his route. I haven't felt this intrigued by a character in a loooooooong time. I've played all of the other character's main routes in the paid version and I didn't find them all that interesting. His story is honestly much more dynamic than most Voltage characters'.

Read my summaries and commentaries for this route here (WARNING: spoilers!):
Episode (1)(2)(Special 1)(3)(4)(5)(6)(Special 2)(7)(8)(9)(10)(11)(Special 3)(12)(13)(14)(End)(Epilogue)

This post is a work in progress, and I'll be updating as I complete the game. The walkthrough will be posted at the top, so don't scroll all the way down if you don't want to spoil the CGs!

***UPDATE 6/21/2016 - Walkthrough complete!***

***UPDATE 6/30/2016 - Summaries and commentary complete!***

Click "read more" to see walkthrough and CGs.

Mad Hatter Main Story Walkthrough
(Japanese GREE version)
Episode 1
1A.  まじまじと見つめる (correct)
1B.  人違いだと言う (wrong)

2A.  本名を名乗る (wrong)
2B.  アリスと名乗る (correct)

Episode 2
                  1A.  賛同してあく  (correct)
                  1B.  まだわからない (wrong)

                  2A.  どれも苦手、と本音を言う (wrong)
                  2B.  どれも好き、と気遣う (correct)

Episode 3
                  1A.  お世辞じゃないですよね? (wrong)
                  1B.  褒めてくれてうれしです (correct)

                  2A.  はい (correct)
                  2B.  嫌だ (wrong)

Episode 4
                  1A.  山ほどある (correct)
                  1B.  あるわけない (wrong)

                  2A.  本物の星みたい (correct)
                  2B.  プラネタリウムみたい (wrong)

Episode 5
                  1A.  笑うなんてムリ(wrong)
                  1B.  仕方なく笑う (correct)

(My phone goofed on question 2, so I don't know the correct answer. I chose B.)
                  2A.  誰が出て来たのかと思った
                  2B.  いきなりドアが開いたから

Episode 6
                  1A.  壊してしまったんですか?(wrong)
                  1B.  怪我はありませんか? (correct)

                  2A. 黙っておく(correct)
                  2B.  ペラペラしゃべってみる (wrong)

Episode 7
                  1A.  顔を覗き込む (wrong)
                  1B.  他愛無い話をする (correct)

                  2A.  笑って誤魔化す (correct)
                  2B.  言い訳をする (wrong)

Episode 8
                  1A.  褒められて嬉しいと誤魔化す (correct)
                  1B.  マッドハッターみたい  (wrong)

                  2A.  無視する (wrong)
                  2B.  捕まえる (correct)

Episode 9
                  1A.  会えてうれしいから (correct)
                  1B.  リオンじゃないから (wrong)

                  2A.  正直理解できない (wrong)
                  2B.  彼ならではの美学の表れ (correct)

Episode 10
                1A.  心配しました (correct)
                1B.  危ないじゃないですか (wrong)

                2A.  夕飯作ってくれて嬉しかった (correct)
                2B.  勘ぐり過ぎです (wrong)

Episode 11
                1A.  不思議の国は楽しいから (correct)
                1B.  今後はご利用ください (wrong)

                2A.  肩に外手を置く(correct)
                2B.  頑張ってください (wrong)

Episode 12
                1A.  いるなら出るはず (correct)
                1B.  怒らせることしたんですか?(wrong)

                2A.  わかりました (correct)
                2B.  英介も誘う (wrong)

Episode 13
                1A. 私を助けて (wrong)
                1B. リオンさんを助けて (correct)

(The answer wasn't shown for this one, so I don't know which is correct. I chose A.)
                2A. 私はそう信じています 
                2B. 幸せにする気があれば 

Episode 14
                1A. 照れるうから (correct)
                1B. 聞こえないなんて嘘 (wrong)

                2A. リオンのせいに (wrong)
                2B. 誤魔化す (correct)

Episode 15
              280+ 親密度 (closeness), 85000 ラブチップ (love chips) – Secret Happy End
              250-279 親密度, 85000 ラブチップ – Happy End
              <250 親密度, 75000 ラブチップ – Normal End

              If you clear the Secret Happy End or the Happy End, you will also get access to the Epilogue.


Mad Hatter Main Story CGs
(Japanese GREE version)
From Special Story (Sweet) 1
From Special Story (Sweet) 2
From Special Story (Sweet) 3
From Happy End


  1. Hi, where can I download the gree ver?

    1. I found it by searching the App Store for the Japanese title: スイートルームで悪戯なキス Love Trap