Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: The Blue Mad Hatter, Rhion Hatter - Main Story Walkthrough

I am so happy that they finally released the Mad Hatter's route in English! I played the Japanese GREE version over the summer, and it has been my favorite story from the KBTBB series. Fortunately, I don't see any real differences between the stories - only a few translation things that I expected, a few minor background image changes, and some of the chapters were combined to create 13 instead of the original 15 (no content seems to be missing though).

One completely subjective observation is that I do feel like is that the character's personality came through more strongly (read: creepy) in the Japanese version because of the language choices.

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

After School Affairs: Hidetaka Sera, Season 2 CGs and Review

*WARNING: mini-spoilers ahead*

Hidetaka kind of pissed me off in the first season... He's manipulative and downright rude sometimes... but season 2 has started off better, I think. While he still uses the MC and can treat her harshly, he's softening up a bit and showing his affection more freely. The antagonist of "Dormitory of Adults" - Rui - absolutely infuriated me! I know they were trying to make her similar to Hidetaka in personality, so having two of them was just pushing my buttons. Overall, it was an engaging story and certainly kept my attention. Just prepare to want to punch the wall or a pillow or something... In the past, I've enjoyed both endings for each character, but I really preferred the amorous ending over the climactic one in this case.

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Era of Samura: Code of Love: Hajime Saito - Season 1 CGs and Review

At first, I thought Saito had become my second-favorite character in EOS:COL (Harada is still the best in my opinion), but upon giving it more thought (and time to sleep on it), I think his rank has fallen somewhat. Overall, his main story was fairly interesting; he's definitely mysterious and has a kind heart. Just from the profile of his character, I do like him. As far as his main story goes - the authors clearly had planned on having a big twist near the end, but it was extremely predictable. He has some great moments, and I really enjoyed his CGs and the bonus voiced scene at the end, but the predictability of his plot kind of ruined it for me.

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Friday, August 5, 2016

Era of Samura: Code of Love: Sanosuke Harada - Season 1 CGs and Review

Just based on the prologue, this is the character I was waiting for! I absolutely loved Harada from the very start! He actually has very little interaction with the MC in the first several chapters, but after a while, he finally starts to show up more. But with him not being there for a while, the story was able to develop a little more, I think. Because he is so stoic, it's really adorable when he finally starts to open up. His story took the most tragic turn of the ones released thus far, and I really did think for a minute that it was going to end badly. I can't wait to see the rest of his first season!

*update 8/5/2016 - I enjoyed reading the rest of his season 1 stories, and his completion bonus CG was my favorite so far! He's opening up a little more to the MC by the end. So sweet!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

After School Affairs: Rikiya Mononobe, Season 2 CGs and Review

Rikiya has been my least favorite character from this series. That being said, it's rare that I ever find Voltage's first-released characters to ever be that great - mostly because they're usually cocky jerks. Rikiya is a little different from this mold because he is not so much cocky as he is pushy. In the first season, I found him to be more stand-offish but this season his pushiness has definitely come out. In some ways, it's kind of cute because he's breaking the rules because he cares about the MC so much and he gets her to go out and do things and not worry all of the time. On the other hand, someone like this in real life would be unbearable to be with for me... My anxiety couldn't take it...

Now aside from his personality, I did like his Dormitory for Adults story. The conflict might be pretty unrealistic (at least in my experience), but (*spoiler-but-not-really alert) it was cute how he unabashedly proclaims his love for the MC as a result. There was a secret part of me that wanted things to go the opposite way, but I really enjoy thinking about the "what-if" scenarios in these games.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

After School Affairs: Kiyonori Taishi, Season 2 CGs and Short Review

I have to admit: Taishi grew on me. From his main story in Season 1, I was not all that impressed, but his two other stories were actually pretty good. He's still a complete dork even in the second season, but that dorkiness is endearing now rather than just kind of creepy. Seeing him branch out more with the students and how he really stands up for the MC in this season got him an "A" in my book!

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Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Soryu Oh - Season 3.5 Scattered Cards CGs

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Monday, July 18, 2016

My Last First Kiss: Makoto Morimachi - Special CGs

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My Last First Kiss: Makoto Morimachi - Season 2 CGs and Review

This is hard for me to write because Takamune has always been my favorite in this game, but dammit, Makoto might be beating him out now! His first season was good, but his second season was just too much adorableness for me to handle! He also has had the best completion bonus CG this season of the ones released so far (though Ayato's is pretty good, too!). If we get a 3rd season, I'm gonna need them to get married and have all the babies because Mako is now officially the perfect guy. Sweetness overload in this story!

TL:DR - season 2 is awesome, and I want to have Mako's babies.

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