Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: The Blue Mad Hatter, Rhion Hatter - Main Story Walkthrough

I am so happy that they finally released the Mad Hatter's route in English! I played the Japanese GREE version over the summer, and it has been my favorite story from the KBTBB series. Fortunately, I don't see any real differences between the stories - only a few translation things that I expected, a few minor background image changes, and some of the chapters were combined to create 13 instead of the original 15 (no content seems to be missing though).

One completely subjective observation is that I do feel like is that the character's personality came through more strongly (read: creepy) in the Japanese version because of the language choices.

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Mad Hatter Main Story Walkthrough 
(Secret Ending)

Episode 1
1A. Stare back at him.
1B. Tell him he’s wrong.

2A. Say your real name.
2B. Say you’re Alice.

Episode 2
1A. Agree with him.
1B. Say you don’t know.

2A. None of them.
2B. All of them.

Secret Chapter: Sweet & CG (1) unlocked

Episode 3
1A. You’re just being polite.
1B. Thanks for the compliment.

2A. Yes
2B. No

Episode 4
1A. So many things…
1B. Of course not.

2A. They look like real stars!
2B. It’s like a planetarium!

Episode 5
1A. I can’t smile.
1B. Give up and smile.

2A. I thought someone else was here…
2B. The door opened so suddenly…

Episode 6
1A. Did you break it?
1B. Are you hurt?

2A. Don’t say anything.
2B. Start jabbering.

Secret Chapter: Sweet & CG (2) unlocked

Episode 7
1A. Are you okay?
1B. There’s something I need to tell you.

2A. Brush it off with laughter.
2B. Make an excuse.

Episode 8
1A. Say the compliment made you happy.
1B. You’re like the Mad Hatter.

2A. Ignore it.
2B. Grab it.

Episode 9
1A. I’m happy to see you again.
1B. I was expecting Rhion…

2A. I don’t get it.
2B. That’s just his aesthetic.

3A. I was worried.
3B. That was dangerous!

4A. I’m touched.
4B. It’s your imagination.

Episode 10
1A. Wonderland is full of fun things.
1B. Try them next time.

2A. Rest your hands gently on his shoulders.
2B. Good luck!

Secret Chapter: Sweet & CG (3) unlocked

Episode 11
1A. That can’t be right.
1B. Did you make him angry?

2A. Okay.
2B. Will you come with me?

3A. Save me!
3B. Save Rhion!

4A. I believe you can.
4B. If that’s what you want.

Episode 12
1A. It’s embarrassing…
1B. Don’t say that…

2A. Blame Rhion.
2B. Tell him to get under the covers.

Episode 13
Secret Ending

A few notes about the endings...
The Good and Happy Endings are available to reread at any time as per usual in the paid version of KBTBB. The Secret Ending can only be read during the play through. The CG will be saved under the Happy Ending though, so you can access it after you complete the Secret Ending. Also, the stories for the Happy Ending and Secret Ending are nearly identical.


  1. I followed your walkthrough completely. But I didn't get the secret ending just the Good ending.

    1. Are you positive that you chose the answers in bold? I played this through more than once and got the secret ending each time.

    2. Yes. I choose all the bold answers. I just have had Happy and Good ending. None where secret.

  2. I even did it fast. But I don't get a happy ending. I am using the paid variant. Maybe that is the problem?

    1. This walkthrough is for the paid version. Did you get the final CG? If you did, you completed the secret ending. You can retrieve the CG afterward as usual, but you won't be able to reread it like the happy and good endings (although it is almost exactly like the happy ending; you'd have to play through completely again to reread it.).

    2. I will try it again. I do find the picture, but I don't get a different story from the happy ending. Like no difference.

    3. The story is nearly exactly the same, unfortunately. The only difference is the few sentences that go along with the CG. This is how it was in the original Japanese version as well.

  3. Got the secret ending from this! Thanks a lot :-) I only got the happy ending my first try without a walkthrough so I really wanted to get the secret ending (though when I found out it was the exact same OMG VOLTAGE PLS) LOL thanks again!