Tuesday, July 26, 2016

After School Affairs: Rikiya Mononobe, Season 2 CGs and Review

Rikiya has been my least favorite character from this series. That being said, it's rare that I ever find Voltage's first-released characters to ever be that great - mostly because they're usually cocky jerks. Rikiya is a little different from this mold because he is not so much cocky as he is pushy. In the first season, I found him to be more stand-offish but this season his pushiness has definitely come out. In some ways, it's kind of cute because he's breaking the rules because he cares about the MC so much and he gets her to go out and do things and not worry all of the time. On the other hand, someone like this in real life would be unbearable to be with for me... My anxiety couldn't take it...

Now aside from his personality, I did like his Dormitory for Adults story. The conflict might be pretty unrealistic (at least in my experience), but (*spoiler-but-not-really alert) it was cute how he unabashedly proclaims his love for the MC as a result. There was a secret part of me that wanted things to go the opposite way, but I really enjoy thinking about the "what-if" scenarios in these games.

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Dormitory for Adults
Amorous Ending
Climactic Ending
Story Completion Bonus

Dormitory His POV
no CG :(

Private Day Off

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