Thursday, August 11, 2016

Era of Samura: Code of Love: Hajime Saito - Season 1 CGs and Review

At first, I thought Saito had become my second-favorite character in EOS:COL (Harada is still the best in my opinion), but upon giving it more thought (and time to sleep on it), I think his rank has fallen somewhat. Overall, his main story was fairly interesting; he's definitely mysterious and has a kind heart. Just from the profile of his character, I do like him. As far as his main story goes - the authors clearly had planned on having a big twist near the end, but it was extremely predictable. He has some great moments, and I really enjoyed his CGs and the bonus voiced scene at the end, but the predictability of his plot kind of ruined it for me.

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Main Story


Hearts in Training
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Love's Command
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Season 1 Completion Bonus
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