Friday, August 5, 2016

Era of Samura: Code of Love: Sanosuke Harada - Season 1 CGs and Review

Just based on the prologue, this is the character I was waiting for! I absolutely loved Harada from the very start! He actually has very little interaction with the MC in the first several chapters, but after a while, he finally starts to show up more. But with him not being there for a while, the story was able to develop a little more, I think. Because he is so stoic, it's really adorable when he finally starts to open up. His story took the most tragic turn of the ones released thus far, and I really did think for a minute that it was going to end badly. I can't wait to see the rest of his first season!

*update 8/5/2016 - I enjoyed reading the rest of his season 1 stories, and his completion bonus CG was my favorite so far! He's opening up a little more to the MC by the end. So sweet!

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Main Story


Hearts in Training

Love's Command

Season 1 Completion Bonus

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