Monday, July 18, 2016

My Last First Kiss: Makoto Morimachi - Season 2 CGs and Review

This is hard for me to write because Takamune has always been my favorite in this game, but dammit, Makoto might be beating him out now! His first season was good, but his second season was just too much adorableness for me to handle! He also has had the best completion bonus CG this season of the ones released so far (though Ayato's is pretty good, too!). If we get a 3rd season, I'm gonna need them to get married and have all the babies because Mako is now officially the perfect guy. Sweetness overload in this story!

TL:DR - season 2 is awesome, and I want to have Mako's babies.

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Living Together


Sweet Memories

A Kiss to Remember

Season 2 Completion Bonus

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