Thursday, August 11, 2016

After School Affairs: Hidetaka Sera, Season 2 CGs and Review

*WARNING: mini-spoilers ahead*

Hidetaka kind of pissed me off in the first season... He's manipulative and downright rude sometimes... but season 2 has started off better, I think. While he still uses the MC and can treat her harshly, he's softening up a bit and showing his affection more freely. The antagonist of "Dormitory of Adults" - Rui - absolutely infuriated me! I know they were trying to make her similar to Hidetaka in personality, so having two of them was just pushing my buttons. Overall, it was an engaging story and certainly kept my attention. Just prepare to want to punch the wall or a pillow or something... In the past, I've enjoyed both endings for each character, but I really preferred the amorous ending over the climactic one in this case.

Click "read more" to see CGs.

Dormitory for Adults
Amorous Ending
Climactic Ending
Story Completion Bonus
Dormitory His POV
no CG :(

Private Day Off
coming soon!

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