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Dreamy Days in West Tokyo: Johji Chakura - Main Story, Epilogue, and Sequel Summary, Review, and CGs


Let me just preface this by saying that I think the authors tried really hard to keep the first part of this game PG, and I'm sure that's because most of the characters are in high school, and we wouldn't want a pervy game (...or would we?). AND I think they tried extra hard with Johji so they don't make him look gross because he's interested in a girl in high school who is 10 years his junior. While that fact still freaks me out slightly, I still loved Johji.

Main Story
I really loved this story. Seriously - I was doing this during the first couple of chapters:
I am a giddy-goat! (Props if you got the I.T. Crowd reference)
While I very much enjoyed the story, I do have one central complaint: Why do all of the other characters have 16 chapters and Johji only has 10? That's where Voltage failed me. But anyway...

So the MC of course moves in to Black Ship like she does in all the other stories, but in this route, she seems to remember something familiar about Johji, though she can't quite place it at first. She comes to realize in the next chapter that Johji is "JJ" - a boy she remembers from childhood (and her first love). Then people start showing up and trying to Johji back with them to help with his family's corporation. One of those people claims to be his fiance, and that of course upsets the MC. She keeps thinking he's going to get married, and to stay out of his way, the MC hastily leaves and moves in with her parents in the UK. Johji comes to visit and asks to take her home - revealing his feelings at that time. Overall - cute story, but don't expect the characters to get "hot and heavy". 

The MC feels like Johji isn't treating her like a woman - basically talking to her like she's a kid and not giving her romantic attention. She tries to plan a "mature" date (mature constitutes a dinner date in this case) but her attempts are thwarted at first. She and Johji do finally get to go on a date (and at a museum! so mature!) and they "get mature" again by *GASP* kissing on the lips! Sexy times going on here, folks! Not a fantastic story, but cute CG, so it's worth it.
This story seriously made me depressed at the end. Johji's family is at it again trying to take him back to work at their corporation. The MC feels like he won't lean on her at all, but Johji just needs her presence to make it bearable (Aw...). He protests going with his family very strongly at first, but by the end, he senses his responsibility and decided to close up Black Ship for a while. AND HE LEAVES THE MC - for 2 years. In reality, I don't think most people (especially at 17) would wait around for someone that long. I know I wouldn't (and couldn't). This story really broke my heart, so I'm hoping subsequent stories will make up for it.

And this about sums up my feeling on this character thus far:

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