Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dreamy Days in West Tokyo - FINALLY... JOHJI! and New Voltage Game "Our Two Bedroom Story"

I am so excited that they finally released Johji Chakura's stories on Dreamy Days in West Tokyo! I'll be posting my review and the CGs later, but I wanted to leave you with this adorable picture of him blushing in the mean time!

Love it!

Also, Voltage recently released a new game in English called "Our Two Bedroom Story". The basic plot line is that you move into a house already occupied by one of your coworkers and then the rest I'll leave to your imagination for now. I really want to play Shusei Hayakawa's route, but he's unavailable for the time being, so I settled for Kaoru Kirishima for the first try. Not bad - and I'll post a review and CGs on that as well. 

Cool as ice Kaoru
Shusei and his lovely golden locks...

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