Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Forged Wedding: Kunihiko Aikawa - Main Story Review, Walkthrough, and CGs

Kunihiko comes off immediately as a slacker and a ladies-man. He's always reading women's magazines to try to find out what they like. He has known the MC since she was a little girl, and he is her "uncle", though they are only related by name and not blood. The MC works in his bar part time while she's looking for a job. Kunihiko essentially bribes her into acting as his fiancee for a day when he wants to turn down a marriage offer. Of course, the story gets blown out of proportion and then MC ends up staying at his house to continue to the charade. The MC also finds out more about his past and why he's never settled down. Well, no real spoilers from me, so that's all I will say about the story line, but  I have to just mention that the fact that the MC calls him Uncle pretty much the entire time kind of grosses me out, but once you get past that, it's a pretty sweet story.

This is not the only way to get the Super Happy End, but this is how I did it.

Story 1
A. Smile quietly.
B. He's earnest.

Story 2
A. This is your favorite.
A. It's a secret.

Story 3
A. Ask him.
A. Thank him earnestly.

Story 4
A. Turn around.
A. "Who was that call from?"

Story 5
A. Go shopping for supplies.
A. Joke back.

Story 6
A. Ask for his favorite.
A. Fix it for him.

Story 7
A. Close eyes.
A. Joke and say "It's tough."

Story 8
B. Pinch his arm.
A. Because we live together.

Story 9
A. Don't move.
A. Don't move.

Story 10
A. Accept and apologize.
A. "Are you sure?"

Story 11
B. Think about it.
B. Were you worried?

Story 12
A. Absolutely.
A. I'll go with someone special.

Story 13
B. Because you read books.
B. Stay put.

Story 14
A. Tea
A. Get up to leave.

Story 15
Super Happy Ending

Kunihiko's CGs:

(Anyone else notice that Kuni's flavor-saver seems to have disappeared in that last pic?)

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