Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Knight's Devotion: Ken - Main Story Review, Walkthrough, and CGs

The whole premise of this story is that the MC is actually a princess (even though she's been raised as a peasant) and needs to be returned to the castle to take her rightful place. The MC has known Ken (or "Kenny") for a while since he has been stationed in her hometown undercover as a blacksmith for several years to watch over her. Their relationship develops fairly early on in the story, and Ken often gets scolded for acting too casual with the MC. Suddenly, they find out something that would completely tear apart their relationship, so he tries to fight his feelings for the MC. He picks on the MC quite a bit, but he's very reliable and kind deep down. And gotta say - I love the horse, Dragon! (Frankly, I think they stole most of his personality from the movie Tangled but funny nonetheless.)

This is one of those Voltage games where there's really no need to give you a walkthrough, because if you "mess up" and get the Good Ending, you can just go back and select the Happy Ending to read it.

Ken's CGs:

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