Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Forged Wedding: Haruka Utsunomiya - Main Story Review, Walkthrough, and CGs

As I kept playing other characters in this game, I'd see him pop-up on the choose character screen and two thoughts crossed my mind. 1. "Who is hell is this?", and 2. "Hottie!!! *fans self*" What I love most about Haruka's story is the culture. He's an ikebana artist, versed in tea ceremony, wears a kimono during several scenes, etc. You can tell that even though he never says it aloud, Haruka is really lonely and likes having the MC around. He's a really polite person, but lies to his family and hides his problems from everyone. Fortunately, he opens up to the MC by the end, but this is one of the stories with slow action. But OH SO MANY FEELS at the end! I'm hoping for an epilogue and sequel just because I want to see their relationship more developed.

This is not the only way to get the Super Happy End, but this is how I did it.

Story 1
B. Look away
B. It's my fault because I was careless,

Story 2
B. Leave the room
A. I got lost.

Story 3
A. Sorry I'm ignorant.
B. Tell the truth

Story 4
B. Laugh
B. Say no but be sympathetic

Story 5
B. It's perfect for us
B. No.

Story 6
B. You should have woken me up.
A. Wave back

Story 7
A. Come with me.
B. Be happy

Story 8
A. Thank you.
B. Go along with Haruka.

Story 9
A. Go along
A. Thank you for telling me.

Story 10
B. For yourself
A. Thank you for worrying about me.

Story 11
A. Is that a compliment?
A. That's great

Story 12
B. Don't pry
B. Blush

Story 13
B. Tease him
B. Wipe it off

Story 14
B. Wait for Haruka to speak
A. Force a smile

Story 15
Super Happy End

Haruka's CGs:

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