Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kiss of Revenge: Soichiro Irie - Main Story Review, Walkthrough, and CGs

Irie is on to you from the get-go. He's a little awkward and hard to read when it comes to what to choose to get the right reaction out of him. The MC is completely suspicious of his intentions, and sees him as someone who only cares about getting to the top. He's a complete suck-up to the director at the beginning, but the MC's influence reminds him of what's important as a physician. Although it always seems like he's got shady reasons for doing things, he's actually trying to help the MC the whole way. His mentor Kowatori is funny but can be super irritating to Irie, as he just randomly shows up and says embarrassing things about when Irie was a child. Overall, it's a decent story, but I typically like someone more transparent.

This is not the only way to get the Happy End, but this is how I did it.

Episode 1
A. It's an honor.
B. Listen in.

Episode 2
C. I'm nervous.
C. I think you know, too.

Episode 3
C. I'd like to stay a little longer...
C. Don't do anything.

Episode 4
B. I didn't have feelings for him.
B. It was fun.

Episode 5
A. I was holding both of them together.
B. The director really trusts you.

Episode 6
B. About yesterday...
A. Really?

Episode 7
B. Pass through.
A. Call.

Episode 8
A. You really don't mind?
A. Look away (continue) or B. Don't look away (begins Another Story)
B. Lean against Irie.

Episode 9
A. I am really sorry.
B. You mean after work?

Episode 10
A. It's a secret.
B. Call Irie.

Episode 11
B. Are you free tonight?
A. Call Irie.

Episode 12
A. Why are you so nice to me?
C. I'm not falling for that.

Episode 13
C. I'm worried about you.
A. Something came up?

Episode 14
A. Could we talk at your place?
A. Wait here.

Episode 15
C. ...
C. Weird like how?

Episode 16
Happy Ending

Soichiro's CGs:

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