Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Love Letter from Thief X: Atsumu Kashiwabara - Main Story Review, Walkthrough, and CGs

Atsumu is the boss of the Black Foxes. He's super laid back and almost seems like he's not even paying attention most of the time. Romantically, this is a slow-moving piece. At first, Atsumu is very hesitant to even think of the MC as a woman because of his past, but by the end, he's quite bold in his admission of his feelings - even though it still has that laid-back feel. He's very much a gentleman towards the MC and protects her - but mostly as if she was his daughter or a little sister. Atsumu is actually some I'd probably be attracted to in real life, but as far as stories go, it's fairly dull, in my opinion.

This is not the only way to get the Happy End, but this is how I did it.

Chapter 1
B. I'd love to.
B. Tap him on the shoulder.

Chapter 2
C. I wish I saw them.
B. I'm not interested in him.

Chapter 3
A. I don't know anything.
A. Call out to him.

Chapter 4
A. Nothing's going on.
A. I don't hate it.

Chapter 5
C. Fight him.
C. Apologize.

Chapter 6
C. He's my boyfriend.
B. You're right.

Chapter 7
B. Let me think about it.
A. Don't look at me.

Chapter 8
B. Try to dance without anyone seeing.
C. You can talk to me.

Chapter 9
A. I want to help.
B. Don't ask him.

Chapter 10
C. Of course I'll tell you.
C. I'm scared.

Chapter 11
B. Run away.
C. I'll leave it up to your imagination.

Chapter 12
A. Did you not want to worry me?
C. Please protect me.

Chapter 13
B. Try to cover it up.
A. I am.

Chapter 14
A. I'm on a trip with friends.
B. Look down.

Chapter 15
A. You're right.
A. Fight together.

Final chapter
Happy Ending

Atsumu's CGs:

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