Friday, November 15, 2013

In Your Arms Tonight: Shohei Aiba - Main Story Review, Walkthrough, and CGs

I feel like with almost all of these games, one of the first people I play is the "guy you've known forever". In Aiba's case, you've known him for 8 years, but you've just recently joined his department. He's ridiculously sweet to the MC most of the time, but can be hard on her if he needs to. He's very talented at his job, and the MC really looks up to him professionally. Aiba really goes out of his way to help the MC, and does silly things if he thinks it will help her feel better. He often hints at his feelings, but the MC seems a little dense to his hints, though everyone else seems to clearly see he's in love with her.

This is not the only way to get the Happy End, but this is how I did it.

Episode 1
B. I'm nervous.
A. I can't tell you.

Episode 2
B. It's because your joke wasn't funny.
B. How about a beef bowl?

Episode 3
A. Can you help me with the curtains?
C. Wipe it off with my finger.

Episode 4
A. How about washing your face?
B. I hope I can find a new love.

Episode 5
A. Pork buns
B. Open the window to let in some air.

Episode 6
B. Would you like a bite of mine?
B. Buy a snow cone.

Episode 7
A. Give him a band-aid.
C. Give him some water from your bottle.

Episode 8
C. Nightmares about zombies
C. Someone who makes me feel calm

Episode 9
A. Lemon verbena aroma
A. We talked about desserts.

Episode 10
A. That you look cool these days
A. It's thanks to Mr. Ebihara.

Episode 11
C. Yeah
C. Wrap my hands around his waist

Episode 12
A. Talk to him to wake him up.
C. Press your forehead to his.

Episode 13
Super Happy End

Shohei's CGs:

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