Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Era of Samura: Code of Love: Toshizo Hijikata - Season 1 CGs and Review

(*Mini Spoilers ahead - no major plot points though)

I did not want to like Hijikata. I know that's bad - not coming in with an open mind and all - but the way that they presented him in the prologue was frankly boring. Even in his stories, I didn't feel like he was all that deep or interesting of a character... BUT the fact that he writes poetry made him pretty damn cute. He might be winning for stupidest reason to like a character. That being said, he's still not my favorite so far, but I can give him a tiny bit more credit now.

My biggest gripe about him has to do with his CGs. Hijikata is described as having scars all over his body and a big burn scar on his back. But in his "Hearts in Training" CG, he has perfect skin. How I ask you?! I feel like it was an important point about him, so why leave it out? I think having those scars endears him to us readers more.

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Main Story


Hearts in Training

Love's Command

Season 1 Completion Bonus

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