Wednesday, June 8, 2016

After School Affairs: Side post - funny moments from NPCs

I have to admit, when I played the prologue of this game, I wasn't every invested in it, so it's been sitting on my iPhone for months while I kept passing over the character's main routes and instead starting side routes in other games. I finally broke down and started playing this game over the weekend, starting with Kenzo Yasukawa, the school nurse (because I'm a nurse!). I have to admit, the routes I played were better than I expected. Without going into too much detail, I have a few funny moments I wanted to share.

(Warning: spoilers [kind of] ahead...)

From Kenzo's Main Story:
Professor the Chicken
Kenzo is raising chickens in the nurse's office. I have a few questions about this. First of all, how on Earth was this conceived as a plot point? Were they trying to think of the most absurd thing possible? Second, (I'm thinking that this is translation-related) but why give a chicken the name "Professor"? That is a terrible name by all standards. I'd call her "Feather Butt" before "Professor".

From Shinichi's Main Story:
Ikuo's Sad Face
There's a secret part of me that hopes that Ikuo will eventually be playable, but with a face like this, I'm thinking he's going to continue to be mostly comic relief, kind of like Hikobei is in Enchanted in the Moonlight. But seriously... THAT. SAD. FACE. I couldn't stop laughing for about 10 minutes straight. (It's also kind of new for Voltage. They've kept most of the NPCs pretty bland in looks and expressions in the past, and they've clearly upped their game with ASA.)

From Shinichi's Main Story:
Picking on Ikuo
This one's funny to me, but it's pretty cute at the same time. It's more than obvious that Ikuo has a thing for the MC (another reason that I can dream that he'll eventually be playable...). Kenzo is clearly about to spill the beans, and that strong reaction from Ikuo with Kenzo's teasing expression is hilarious in my opinion. It's a little irritating that the MC is so oblivious though...

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