Friday, May 27, 2016

My Last First Kiss: Hiroki Eniwa - Season 1 Main Story, POV CGs and Commentary

I'm being completely honest here: I have never felt so conflicted about a Voltage character. Hiroki - why do you make me love and hate you so much at the same time? You're a dick but you're not. God, why?!
Also, does anyone else see a little Enrique Iglesias in this guy's design? You know - before he had his beauty mark removed?

Now for some sarcastic, spoiler commentary! 

(Continued after the skip - with CGs)

Enrique Hiroki is the MC's childhood love and has now rejected her twice. Hiroki does offer her a purely physical relationship that she initially turns down. But does she give up? Nope! Her good 'ol friend Saori is there to steer her in the most "moral" direction as always. She decides to reconsider the offer and so begins their worthless little relationship. (Side note: I guess because I've personally been in relationships with wormy assholes that want nothing more than sex, I just wanted to thumb his eyes at this point and slap the MC to bring her to her senses.) Of course, the MC still maintains her feelings for him anyway because we wouldn't have much of story otherwise, would we? Without giving too much detail away here, it then starts to seem like Hiroki is having a change of heart, and this lasts for about 8 episodes or so. Now while reading these episodes, I'm just sitting wondering where the conflict is going to be because there's no way we can keep coasting on this happy little plot line. It finally happens close to the end, and it turns into "I hate you" one chapter and "No, but I really love you" the next. So my overall impression of the plot was that it was kind of predictable. 

The solace is that when they are showing Hiroki as his natural self (see the 3rd CG), he is freaking adorable! And that made me like him. Just bring down those barriers, Enrique Hiroki!
"I just wanna be with you!"

Hiroki's Main Story CGs

Hiroki's POV CG

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