Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Our Two Bedroom Story: Tsumugu Kido, Main Story & Epilogue CGs

I'm truly conflicted on how I feel about Tsumugu's stories so far. First, I have to ask how stupid the MC is that she can't figure out right away that "Tsumugu" and "Kido" are the same person. Tsumugu has one of those "tortured pasts" but he doesn't have much of an epiphany that make his character grow. What I have to admit is that I really liked was his accent. He's from Osaka, but in the English translation, they essentially give him a Southern US accent. Which is awesome because for once, the Southern person isn't dumb! (Being from the South, I have a lot of beef with the "stupid Southerner" stereotype...) Anyway, read the story and see what you think. All that being said, I'm sure I'd read more if they made a sequel, etc.

CGs after the skip!

Tsumugu's Main Story CGs:



Tsumugu's Epilogue CG:

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