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Serendipity Next Door - Main Story CGs

Updated 9/7/2014 to include Keiichi

(Let me start by saying sorry that I am so unbelievably behind in posting! I will try to start posting CGs more frequently so I can get caught up.)

Starting back up with Serendipity Next Door! Quick synopsis: the MC lives in an apartment building with a bunch of hunky dudes and falls for one. Not a whole lot of background on this one since the story background given in the prelude is more focused on Masaomi; fortunately, the other characters' stories are generally good.

CGs and thoughts on each character after the skip!

Masaomi Hibiya

Masaomi has a pretty developed character and story. I think it's mostly due to the fact that the game seems to really focus on him. Though his story was decent, whenever there's a character that Voltage is "pushing" harder than the others, I tend to not like them as much. 

Izumi Takasaki

Izumi definitely had his cute moments (see picture #3), but his story was my least favorite. He's a younger guy, and that's always a turn off for me...

Shinobu Narita

Shinobu is definitely one of my favorite characters from this game. Megane all the way! And his blush wins for most adorable. =D He was quite devious and even callous at some points (you don't get that vibe when he's in other characters' routes), but he's got a sad past that causes him to act that way. He turns out better by the end, and subsequent stories continue on that track. 

Jinpachi Yushima

Jinpachi is also a favorite. He's a complete asshole in other stories and is somewhat in his own route as well. But you see a much kinder person if you look a little deeper. This is also one of the characters that I'd definitely recommend playing his POV story as well. 

Keiichi Tokiwa


My thoughts on Keiichi (a.k.a. "Byron") so far. He's kind of insane but the voice of wisdom in everyone else's stories. I'm really eager for his story to come out because I am very curious about how they'll handle his character's development.

Updated 9/7/14
BEST STORY: THE REST OF YOU GUYS CAN GO HOME! I was laughing nearly the whole time and definitely getting giddy at some moments. I think I like him so much because his story was actually quite relatable to a guy I once knew (minus the androgynous part). Only one thing bothered me; he's supposed to be a personal stylist but he keeps wearing that god-awful kitty sweater!

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