Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Knight's Devotion: Haku - Main Story Review and CGs

Haku is the flirty bad boy of the knights. He's a perfect shot with his bow and arrow, but he's constantly at odds with Lute since his behavior isn't exactly genial toward the MC. Their crazy horse, Dragon, also bites him all the time to try to put him in his place. Despite his lax and sometimes crude behavior, the MC sees a much kinder side of him beneath his shell. Haku, however, is hiding many secrets, one of which the MC doesn't see coming nor want to believe. But on a side note... if I heard "Oh, you!" one more time on this route, I was gonna die. All I kept thinking was this:

Haku's CGs:
Seriously... this picture! I love Shion's and Ken's faces!!!

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